Best back support pillow

Best back support pillow

If you’re all new to the concept of back support pillow, but you’re interested by the matter as your back hurts a lot, scroll down for a detailed look over this type of pillow.

What is a back support pillow?

This type of pillow is designed in shape and thickness so that it sustains the lumber region that needs support as you’re sitting down.

When we’re sitting down, our spine curves outwards and not inwards, like it should. This is quite common for many of us. The main reason for this situation is the poor posture, especially when you’re at your desk working. You’re putting too much pressure on your lumbar spine and surrounding tissues, which causes you back pain.

A back support pillow is going to cushion that spinal curvature when you’re sitting down, increasing your comfort and minimizing pain.

It’s important for the back support pillow to conform to the shape of your back as much as possible so that you get the stability you need too.

You need to look carefully for your back support pillow as if you’re getting the wrong one, you may aggravate your back problem, instead of solving it.

Why get a back support pillow anyway?

Many jobs today involve plenty of sitting or, better said, too much sitting. Not all of us have the few minute’s breaks or the opportunity to exercise for stretching out our back muscles.

If that’s the case for you, a back support pillow may be the thing you need for alleviating your back problems.

A good back support pillow is highly portable so you may use it not only at the office, but also at home on your sofa, when watching your favorite TV-show.

A back support pillow is also a great choice for you if you’ve just went through a spinal surgery. It’s going to speed up your recovery and give comfort to your back. Until you’re fully recovered, a back support pillow is going to help you support the injured region to alleviate pain and any discomfort too.

One that has limited mobility or a handicap that has to spend most of his/her time in a wheelchair may benefit from a back support pillow as well.

Many drivers out there are using back support pillows too. If you’re spending a lot of time driving back and forth, a back support pillow is going to improve your lumbar issues from that driving.

What’s the best back support pillow out there?

We can’t give you just a name when it comes to that, as comfort is a personal matter and you have to decide for yourself what works for you the best.

However, we can give you some tips when choosing.

You want your back support pillow to fit the small of your back, pushing it forwards to adjust your spine positioning.  It has to distribute the weight you put when you’re sitting down, evenly. Positioning right the pillow is essential too.

A good back support pillow comes with straps or other fastening mechanism so that it stays in place once you fixed it.

Don’t forget to take a look of your chair as its design may influence the efficiency of your back support pillow too.

The filling, the cover, the portability are also features to consider when settling on one model as well.